Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography
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JACQUET Stephanie      
Position : CR1
Organism : CNRS
Chargé de Recherche
Team: CE
00486090600 (or 0486090600)
Room: 119, Floor: 1, Build.: 26/M - Site : Luminy

Research Activities:     
My research focuses on trace metals biogeochemistry with particular reference to barium. I am interested in the chemical, biological and physical processes which affect trace element distributions and behaviour in both coastal and open ocean regimes. This research combines dissolved and particulate Ba and barite studies and analytical chemistry, and is approached from two directions: field measurements and laboratory studies, with projects ranging from developing analytical method for elements determinations to studies on barium dynamics in various systems (Austral, Mediterranean, Arctic). The Ba proxy is used as a tracer of particulate organic carbon remineralization at mesopelagic dephts.The laboratory utilizes high resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and voltammetric techniques to investigate the distribution and chemical speciation of trace elements in seawater.
Research Topics:
  • sdu/sdu.ocean
  • chim/chim.anal
Last scientific productions :
+ Untangling biogeochemical processes from the impact of ocean circulation: First insight on the Mediterranean dissolved barium dynamics doi link

Author(s): Jullion L., Jacquet S., Tanhua T.

(Article) Published: Global Biogeochemical Cycles, vol. 31 p.1256 - 1270 (2017)

+ A high resolution and quasi-zonal transect of dissolved Ba in the Mediterranean Sea doi link

Author(s): Jacquet S., Monnin Christophe, Riou V., Jullion L., Tanhua T

(Article) Published: Marine Chemistry, vol. 178 p.1-7 (2016)

+ Early spring mesopelagic carbon remineralization and transfer efficiency in the naturally iron-fertilized Kerguelen area doi link

Author(s): Jacquet S., Dehairs Frank, Lefevre A., Cavagna Anne-Julie, Planchon F., Christaki Urania, Monin L., André Luc, Closset Ivia, Cardinal Damien

(Article) Published: Biogeosciences, vol. 12 p.1713-1731 (2015)

+ Consequences of hydrological events on the delivery of suspended sediment and associated radionuclides from the Rhne River to the Mediterranean Sea doi link

Author(s): Eyrolle Frederique, RADAKOVITCH Olivier, Raimbault P., Charmasson Sabine, Antonelli Christelle, Ferrand Emmanuelle, Aubert Dominique, Raccasi Guillaume, Jacquet S., Gurriaran Rodolfo

(Article) Published: Journal Of Soils And Sediments, vol. 12 p.1479-1495 (2012)

+ Virus, bactéries et protistes pathogènes du phytoplancton, le rôle insoupçonné des parasites dans le fonctionnement des écosystèmes aquatiques hal link

Author(s): Jacquet S., Domaizon Isabelle, Masquelier Sylvie, Lepère Cécile, Guillou Laure, Chambouvet Aurélie, Debroas Didier, Sime-Ngando Télesphore

(Article) Published: Le Courrier De L'environnement De L'inra, vol. 60 p.37-50 (2011)