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ROSS Oliver Nicolas      
Fonction : Marie Curie Fellow
Equipe: OPLC
Bureau: 26 M /124, Bât: Oceanomed - Site : Luminy
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Curriculum Vitae:     
2013 - present Senior Researcher (CNRS) at Univ Aix-Marseille, France
2009-2013 Post-doc & Marie Curie Fellow at ICM-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain
2006-2009 Senior Research Fellow at Univ Essex, UK
2005 Post-doc at Univ Eindhoven, The Netherlands
2000-2004 PhD student at Univ Southampton, UK
2000 Diplom (MSc) in physics, Freie Univ Berlin, Germany
1998-2000 Honorary Research Fellow, Univ Auckland, New Zealand
Activités de Recherche:     
I have a background (MSc) in physics and a PhD in oceanography. My work has been broadly concerned with the individual based (Lagrangian) modelling of phytoplankton dispersion in the ocean (in response to turbulent mixing) and the effect of the varying underwater light environment on phytoplankton physiology and primary production, including possible behavioural responses (motility). I am a current member of the scientific subcommittee of the IOC funded GEOHAB consortium (
Projets de Recherche:
I am currently working on the SeaQUEST project which deals with the 3D numerical biogeochemical simulation of the Gulf of Lions in the Western Mediterranean.
Domaines de Recherche:
  • Physique/Physique/Optique
  • Planète et Univers/Océan, Atmosphère
  • Planète et Univers/Sciences de la Terre/Océanographie
Productions scientifiques :
+ A high-resolution time-depth view of dimethylsulphide cycling in the surface sea doi link

Auteur(s): Royer S. -J., Gali M., Mahajan A. S., Ross O. N., Perez G. L., Saltzman E. S., Simo R.

(Article) Publié: Scientific Reports, vol. 6 p. (2016)

+ Impact of an intrusion by the Northern Current on the biogeochemistry in the eastern Gulf of Lion, NW Mediterranean doi link

Auteur(s): Ross O. N., Fraysse M., Pinazo C., Pairaud Ivane

(Article) Publié: Estuarine, Coastal And Shelf Science, vol. 170 p. (2016)

+ High Variability of Mitochondrial Gene Order among Fungi doi link

Auteur(s): Aguileta Gabriela, De Vienne Damien, Ross O. N., Hood Michael E, Giraud Tatiana, Petit Elsa, Gabaldó Toni

(Article) Publié: Genome Biology And Evolution, vol. 6 p.451-465 (2014)

+ Intrusion of Rhone River diluted water into the Bay of Marseille: Generation processes and impacts on ecosystem functioning doi link

Auteur(s): Fraysse M., Pairaud Ivane, Ross O. N., FAURE Vincent, Pinazo C.

(Article) Publié: Journal Of Geophysical Research. Oceans, vol. p. (2014)