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    Bureau: 0, Bât: ceanogmed- 1ite d: Luminy/liv>
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    Derniee- bpocuction scientifiques :
    itbody> Autur_(s): a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4757' /ig src="'pluins-/igle"//iagess/corrsponsding.gif'slt="'(Corrspo.)'sitle="'Autur_ corrsponsdat/'s/>, a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=6030' , Frnatndez Cath rie, SLejeuse eiChistaoph, Pheacute;arnz cTher-ry, a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4722' , a href="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4740' , a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=5967' , a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4737' //p /pclass="'igle"'< (Aticile)Plbliceacute;a: afnte hlass="'igle"_revu"' > Moj2cologiy &Environnentale Sientesi/i>, vol. 2 p.1-13 (0157) hal-01636829_v1i/> dbr/> Expeose-r : a href=".ttp://whal.rihevers"ouerse-sfr/"hal-01636829/bibtex"tsncticak=",'_blank') efturn false;" >BibTexi/> | a href=".ttp://whal.rihevers"ouerse-sfr/"hal-01636829/endNote"tsncticak=",'_blank') efturn false;" >endNote/a> /br/> Reacute;asumeacute;a: a/b>Biodversit&y mens lth dvrine&y of lif, Pnteompss=ing level,dof eomplext&y from within speces todarobc Seolsys&ems.Bioldversit&y th raorm intclues bseverle imentcon : evoluionalryscile (Cgeneici, speces , high rdtaxoogmec level,dand hytogieneici dversit&y), funcional (cile ,drganiszaional (cile (patch,Seolsys&em, landscape/seascape dversit&y), spatil (cile (from sample todloile, regonaledand global richness)dand hee-rgienet&y dversit&y.Bioldversit&y oan th raorm ibe mensresd in differnttdand eompleentalrysway , thu disvolving th dusedof a lesast2010 differnttdmetrec , which oan sugesst differnttdand eonteasticg eonclucon . It is woseh emphscozing tha lspeces richness mayibe th desast2appocpriaaedmetrec,des pte dit bpopultr ccesptates.cThem in,da grw ing tendntey forsrtaksholdes, Dmange-s, Dgoersnentadofficil s Pntironnentalestas Pcientiftas Ppoliicipa sand th dedia= todfocus Pas eoncrsn lthreaa-etodboldversit&y,drnlspeces richness and eliage dchangm. However,dfocusing n- cliage dwarming oan mask oth rsrtrs-sos that, today,dand herhaps forsdecads todeome, mayihav derm inmpsct n- eolsys&ems than global warming. In th dMe terranen cSea, th doverlelinmpsct nf NonInduiienou dSpeces (NISs)dand oersfishing rnlspeces dversit&y,deolsys&em dversit&ydand eolsys&em funcionaing exceed toda greaa rso les ser egraee th ddirect nmpsct nf warming. Deastiilelyslt=eesd funcionaing paternas,dand vent new eolsys&ems re &sprsading throughout th dMe terranen cSea.cThn,dtrsnd is likelystodbeeomederm ipocnouncrd oers th dnxt"sdecads . Eolsys&em goods and ervice=s re &l sodbeing profoundlyslt=eesd Dgenerlelystowards asdeclie, Sas illstriaa d by th dovergraz d barrsn grwund,dof th deastr macsin, which nodlongmrsruport fishsie-s,dby th dnmpsct nf th dCaulerpa mendows rnlth dscuba dveing business and th decoogmec vatue nf th dfishsie-s nf th dwestr macsin, by th dbrackish lagoo- eolsys&ems and by th dblooms nf th dintecucted eomb jeelysMnemiopsis leidyi in th dBlackcSea, baorm ith darrivat nf it bpesdato lB-rg dovata.cHee, Cw ddraw atertion dtodth dfsct that, at thi dmomnttdand probablysltsodin th dfuour-, th dhug dflow nf NISsdand oersfishing coostitue dworrying isses, Plt=hough largelysignored by rtaksholdes,dand poliiciledau=horiics . Takscoae,: nidtraincpeut encoahe-_ undau=e (Oon-dtraincoan hid anaoth r; i.m. oe dansgmrsmayihid aoth rsunsuspeca d ansgmrs), tha li todsay th dnmpsct nf warming mayieonteibue dtodhiding rth rseffecas Pof a lesast2equledgravt&y,dsuch as bologiqcal inascon sand oersfishing.dlp>
    dltdd/tbles>iig src="'pluins-/igle"//iagess/fie t2coue rs.gif'srtyl="'widih:40%;heght=:1px' lt="'--------------------'/>itbody> Autur_(s): a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=7255' >Sllanm L.-N./a> /ig src="'pluins-/igle"//iagess/corrsponsding.gif'slt="'(Corrspo.)'sitle="'Autur_ corrsponsdat/'s/>, a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=6030' , a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4757' , a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=5967' , Rebzani-zahaf C, a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4737' /ig src="'pluins-/igle"//iagess/corrsponsding.gif'slt="'(Corrspo.)'sitle="'Autur_ corrsponsdat/'s/>//p /pclass="'igle"'< (Aticile)Plbliceacute;a: afnte hlass="'igle"_revu"' > Cryptogaie OAlglogie , vol. 38 p.133-157 (0157) hal-01636819_v1i/> dbr/> Expeose-r : a href=".ttp://whal.rihevers"ouerse-sfr/"hal-01636819/bibtex"tsncticak=",'_blank') efturn false;" >BibTexi/> | a href=".ttp://whal.rihevers"ouerse-sfr/"hal-01636819/endNote"tsncticak=",'_blank') efturn false;" >endNote/a> /br/> Reacute;asumeacute;a: a/b>Cys&oseir Mgranultia C.&Agardhsvar. turnsie Motalgne wa-de cripbed by Motalgne (1838) from Algsiea (southr mMe terranen cSea). Subsequnttly,dAgardhs(1842) rsnamed th taxoo as C.&motalgnet J. Agardh, rnlth dacsis nf speceentc from Frates and th dnosehr Adriaaec (nosehr mMe terranen cSea) which h daelieved todbeid=rtiocal todMotalgne’sdtaxoo. Finlely, Sauvgesau (1912) e cripbed C.&spinosa Sauvgesau and C.&adriaaeca Sauvgesau as ogmena nova, topar tlyslceommcuge dAgardh’sdand eomedrth rsau=hors’ eoncrpt nf C.&motalgnet.cThesedtaxoogmec treaaents ecaus d ontfucon regarding th ddelie,tion mnf thesedtaxadand dorbs ehav dbeencoais d regarding th dtaxoogmec vatue nf Motalgne’sdtaxoo, which today is nfert esta d asdtaxoo inquirsndumdin updaa d he-ckestasdand flora . Sites 0154, weehav dcolleca d e,tr Algers (Algsiea) adspeces nf Cys&oseir Mtha lormasd sparsscorrspts betweenc10dand 25 mddepth. Or_ speceentc prafecalysmatch th doriginle e cript:on-dasdwlla as th dsynype=smatsieal nf Motalgne’sdtaxoo.cThey re &wlladchanatisiez d and disticti from C.&motalgnet J. Agardhsand from lelith dCys&oseir Mtaxadhith rtode cripbed in having: adsingl axis with young tohyues spinosedbeeoming smorth-tuberculti &whencoldes;prismlrysbratehes eith rsrlght=ly eomprs-sed with ao incoospicuou dipbsand irrsgultrlyslt=eenae int oe dlance, o_ cyliedricledand bratehed in lelidirectons , with spacsd shrt pine-like2appendaess;dand eoncrptales Bbrthinternclelrysbasle, just2abov ith dtohyues,dand ernminle n-dbratehlets. Hee, Cw dpocpose Cys&oseir Mmichaelae Vrslaue Metdal. itat. nov. todareommcuge Motalgne’sdtaxoo (Cys&oseir Mgranultia C.&Agardhsvar. turnsie Motalgne) and th lecaoypeifcations nf th dspeces nnlth dacsis nf brthiMotalgne’sdpoctoogi and of ao originle speceent nf Motalgne (out nf th dsynype=shous d at th dMuseacute;aumdNaional (d’Histoire Ntour- e descPari , PC). Cys&oseir Mmichaelae seems todbeiao endnmec speces retrieca d to Algsiea and nosehr mTunisia. In ad teon,2 C.&motalgnet J. Agardh is lecaoypeifcrd onlth dacsis of ao originle speceent nf J.G. Agardh (out nf th dsynype=shous d at th dBotanicledMuseum of Lund niversit&y, LD).cTheitudy of lecaoypes nf C.&spinosa Sauvgesau and nf it bsynonym C.&adriaaeca Sauvgesau ontfirmed that th y re &juniorsrynonym nf C.&motalgnet J. Agardh.dlp>
    dltdd/tbles>iig src="'pluins-/igle"//iagess/fie t2coue rs.gif'srtyl="'widih:40%;heght=:1px' lt="'--------------------'/>itbody> Autur_(s): a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=5967' /ig src="'pluins-/igle"//iagess/corrsponsding.gif'slt="'(Corrspo.)'sitle="'Autur_ corrsponsdat/'s/>, a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=6030' , a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4757' , a href="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4936' >Prasnneec S./a> , a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4722' , Blelestr os Eqnrec,dBllane-sat/ini LDenis, CBiatehi Carlo nike CBussotti PStmota, Cebrian Eqmma, a href="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=6029't>CheinaeedA./a> , Culioli PJen -michee, Drraie-"courtel PSaedrie, SGuideiti PPaoog, a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4753't>HarmelinMa./a> ,cHee,u lB-rnat, Morri Carla, a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4766' >Poglile J.-C./a> , a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4737' //p /pclass="'igle"'< (Aticile)Plbliceacute;a: afnte hlass="'igle"_revu"' > Mrine ePolluionaCBule tin, vol. 117 p.311-329 (0157)
    PMID 28189369i/> dbr/> DOI: a href=".ttp://"tsncticak=",'_blank') efturn false;" >10.1016/j.mlrpolbul.0157.01.029i/> dbr/> Reacute;asumeacute;a: a/b>A eoncrptuledmcuel wa-dcoostruca d forsth dfuncionaing th dalga-rdominltsd rocky reef eolsys&em nf th dMe terranen cSea.cThe Eolsys&emWBassdQualityInduex (reef-EBQI) is based2uponlthi dmouel.cThn,dindex meets th dobjectov-s nf th dEU Mrine eSriaa gy Framework Directove. It is based2uponl(i) th dweght=ing rf each eompsraents,dareording to it bimeoseates in th dfuncionaing of th deolsys&em;l(ii) bologiqcal prtametes,dassessing th dstate rf each eompsraents;l(iii) th daggregaions nf th se prtametes,,dassessing th dqalityIof th deolsys&emdfuncionaing, forseach te-;l(iv) and acCntfd=rtes Index mensreing th dreliailityIof th dindex, forseach te-.cThe reef-EBQI wa-dus d at 40ite-s in th dnosehwestr mMe terranen . It coostitue siao efficinttdtool, bacaus it is based2uponla wid aset nf funcional (eompsraents,,drath r than uponljust2a few speces ; it is ensydand ne xpntcov dtodimpleenta,drobust2and not redusdat/ with regard todalrsady existicg indce=s.dlp>
    dltdd/tbles>iig src="'pluins-/igle"//iagess/fie t2coue rs.gif'srtyl="'widih:40%;heght=:1px' lt="'--------------------'/>itbody> Autur_(s): a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=6030' /ig src="'pluins-/igle"//iagess/corrsponsding.gif'slt="'(Corrspo.)'sitle="'Autur_ corrsponsdat/'s/>, a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=5967' , a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4757' , Macic Vesta, Mrikovic Laurnta,dPalomba Laura, a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4737' , Boi sery PPer-re//p /pclass="'igle"'< (Aticile)Plbliceacute;a: afnte hlass="'igle"_revu"' > Eclogiqcal Indcatiors, vol. 72 p.249-259 (0157) hal-01409664_v1i/> dbr/> Expeose-r : a href=".ttp://whal.rihevers"ouerse-sfr/"hal-01409664/bibtex"tsncticak=",'_blank') efturn false;" >BibTexi/> | a href=".ttp://whal.rihevers"ouerse-sfr/"hal-01409664/endNote"tsncticak=",'_blank') efturn false;" >endNote/a> /br/> Reacute;asumeacute;a: a/b>The CARLITdmethod forsth dassessentadof th deologiqcal qalityIof Europea mMe terranen cwatsis:drelevates,drobustness and posselesdimprovemnts,.

    dltdd/tbles>iig src="'pluins-/igle"//iagess/fie t2coue rs.gif'srtyl="'widih:40%;heght=:1px' lt="'--------------------'/>itbody> Autur_(s): a hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=4807' , Aish Annab- e , Gau=htem Olovtem, Grleli Jacqes, PGueacute;arin Laurnta,dJanson Anne-Laurn, Labrue eiCeacute;alie, Sa hlass="'igle"_autur__s'sref="'/indexphp?page=rpge=prasnamp; id_user=5967' , Thieacute;abaut Eric//p /pclass="'igle"'< Raport d' xpntics :

    RefdHAL: a href=".ttp://whal.rihevers"ouerse-sfr/"hal-01483268"tsncticak=",'_blank') efturn false;" >hal-01483268_v1i/> dbr/> Expeose-r : a href=".ttp://whal.rihevers"ouerse-sfr/"hal-01483268/bibtex"tsncticak=",'_blank') efturn false;" >BibTexi/> | a href=".ttp://whal.rihevers"ouerse-sfr/"hal-01483268/endNote"tsncticak=",'_blank') efturn false;" >endNote/a> /br/> Reacute;asumeacute;a: a/b>no abtriact

    Comentalies,: a/b>00000
    dltdd/tbles>i href="'/indexphp?page=rpblications amp; igle"_autur_=5967' itle="'MesPlblications '>Plu .../a> /liv> <-- liv>

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