Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography
Photo de ROUGIER Gilles
ROUGIER Gilles      
Position : Ingénieur
Team: OPLC
00494304951 (or 0610814256)

Research Topics:
  • sdu/sdu.ocean
  • spi/spi.meca/spi.meca.mefl
  • phys/phys.meca/phys.meca.mefl
Last scientific productions :
+ Coupling physics and biogeochemistry thanks to high-resolution observations of the phytoplankton community structure in the northwestern Mediterranean Sea doi link

Author(s): Marrec P., Gregori G., Doglioli A., Dugenne M., Dellapenna A., Bhairy N., Cariou T., Helias Nunige S., Lahbib S., Rougier G., Wagener T., Thyssen M.

(Article) Published: Biogeosciences, vol. 15 p.1579 - 1606 (2018)

+ What goes where?

Author(s): De-Verneil A., Rousselet L.(Corresp.), Doglioli A.(Corresp.), Petrenko A.(Corresp.), Rougier G.(Corresp.)

Conference: ASLO 2017 Aquatic Sciences Meeting (Honolulu, HI, US, 2017-03-02)

+ Mapping the planktonic community across submesoscale physical features: the 2015 OSCAHR cruise in the NW Mediterranean hal link

Author(s): Doglioli A., Gregori G., Thyssen M., Wagener T., Marrec P., Rougier G., Bhairy N., Fenouil Julien, De-Verneil A., Rousselet L., Cyr F., Petrenko A., Andre J. M., D'Ovidio Francesco, Pietri Alice, Nencioli F., Jullion L., Pinazo C., Yohia C., Marsaleix Patrick

Conference: 48th International Liège Colloquium on Ocean Dynamics (Liège, BE, 2016-05-23)

+ Impact of cross-reef water fluxes on lagoon dynamics: a simple parameterization for coral lagoon circulation model, with application to the Ouano Lagoon, New Caledonia doi link

Author(s): Chevalier C., Sous D.(Corresp.), Devenon J. L., Pagano M., Rougier G., Blanchot J.

(Article) Published: Ocean Dynamics, vol. p.1-26 (2015)

+ Field study of cross-reef dynamics above the Ouano coral barrier, New Caledonia, France hal link

Author(s): Sous D., Aucan Jerôme, Blanchot J., Devenon J. L., Pagano M., Rey V., Rougier G., Chevalier C.

Conference: 24e Réunion des Sciences de la Terre (, FR, 2014-10-21)