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Radiochemical "cookbook" now on line

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I thought this group might like to know that via a SCOR Working Group,
we now have a web site serving up your favorite radiochemical
"recipes". The easiest way to find it is via the CMER web site either clicking on the rotating image, or use
the link in the top row of the banner.

If you find any bugs, email

This will only be as useful as the amount it is used, so spread the word
and let others know they can use this freely, and encourage everyone to
submit new recipes that can be uploaded now via links at the top and
bottom of the page.

Speaking of links, we link to the GEOTRACES methods, MARiS and a few
others. The link to the e-lectures is there as a place holder for now.

Spread the word !

Cheers, Ken

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