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Publication MIO : Hana Gannoun, Lamia Ben Gaida, Rafika Saidi , Baligh Miladi, Moktar Hamdi, Hassib Bouallagui , Pierre Pol Liebgott (MIO) and Richard Auria (MIO) - A simple gas pressure manometer for measuring hydrogen production by hydrogenogenic cultures in serum bottles in Process Biochemistry

Version imprimable de cet article

PII : S1359-5113(17)31460-5
Reference : PRBI 11183
To appear in : Process Biochemistry
Received date : 6-9-2017
Revised date : 13-10-2017
Accepted date : 16-10-2017

This study investigated the determination of hydrogen production by three H2-producing microorganisms (Thermotoga maritima, Thermococcus kodakarensis KOD1 and Enterobacter cloacae) cultured in 116-mL serum bottles. A gas pressure manometer was used to measure total pressure in the serum-bottle headspace. It was demonstrated that total pressure is the sum of the saturation pressure of water, the pressure expansion of gases, and the partial pressures of H2 (PgH2) and CO2 (PgCO2). A linear relationship was established between the partial pressure of H2 measured by gas chromatography and the sum of the partial pressures of H2 and CO2 measured by the manometer. When pH of culture medium was not controlled (pH decreased from 7 to 5), the PgH2 /PgCO2 ratio was close to stoichiometric H2/CO2 yield ratio of the most plausible metabolic pathways of each strain. PgH2 /PgCO2 values were 1.7, 1.9 and 0.9 for T. maritima, T. kodakarensis and E. cloacae, respectively. In these experimental conditions, PgH2 can be deduced from total pressure measured by manometer.

Keywords : hydrogen, total pressure, manometer, hydrogenogenic microorganisms