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Gordon Research Conference on Ocean Biogeochemistry, Hong Kong, July 2018

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The Gordon Research Conference (GRC) and the Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Ocean Biogeochemistry will be held at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in July 2018. We invite you to apply for the GRC or the GRS-GRC.

The complete program on the 2018 Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Ocean Biogeochemistry is posted on the web page of the conference : (July 8-13, 2018)

Early-career researchers could attend, in addition to the GRC, the Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Ocean Biogeochemistryduring the weekend before the GRC. The GRS will provide them with a forum to discuss science and careers and to network before joining the GRC on Sunday evening. To participate in the GRS-GRC, one should apply for the two meetings, using the single electronic application form : (July 7-8, 2018)

Early-career researchers who wish to be considered for possible oral presentation during the GRS must apply and submit their abstract by April 7, 2018.

Scientists interested in participating in the GRC (or the GRS and GRC, below) should first apply on the webpage of the meeting. Once their application is accepted by the organizers, they can register. The application process is easy : (1) go to the website, (2) press the blue button "Apply Now", and (3) follow the instructions on successive pages.

The attached flyer summarizes the information on the 2018 GRC on Ocean Biogeochemistry.

Please circulate the above information and the attached flyer to potentially interested Faculty members, researchers, postdocs and PhD students.

We look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong in July 2018 !

Best regards,

Louis Legendre and Sylvia Sander, Chairs, GRC

Chuanlun Zhang and Susanne Neuer, Vice-Chairs, GRC

Jihua Liu and Bethanie R. Edwards, Chairs, GRS