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Publication MIO : Andrea Costa (MIO), Andrea M. Doglioli (MIO), Patrick Marsaleixc, Anne A.Petrenko (MIO) Comparison of in situ microstructure measurements to different turbulence closure schemes in a 3-D numerical ocean circulation model

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Ocean Modelling - Volume 120, December 2017, Pages 1-17


In situ measurements of kinetic energy dissipation rate ε and estimates of eddy viscosity KZ from the Gulf of Lion (NW Mediterranean Sea) are used to assess the ability of k - ɛ and k - l closure schemes to predict microscale turbulence in a 3-D numerical ocean circulation model. Two different surface boundary conditions are considered in order to investigate their influence on each closure schemes’ performance. The effect of two types of stability functions and optical schemes on the k - ɛ scheme is also explored. Overall, the 3-D model predictions are much closer to the in situ data in the surface mixed layer as opposed to below it. Above the mixed layer depth, we identify one model’s configuration that outperforms all the other ones. Such a configuration employs a k - ɛ

scheme with Canuto A stability functions, surface boundary conditions parameterizing wave breaking and an appropriate photosynthetically available radiation attenuation length. Below the mixed layer depth, reliability is limited by the model’s resolution and the specification of a hard threshold on the minimum turbulent kinetic energy.


Scalar vertical diffusivity, Kinetic energy dissipation rate, Turbulence closure schemes, Stability functions, Surface boundary conditions, Microstructure, Symphonie numerical model

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