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Accomplishment of 1-year monitoring of floating macro-litter in European rivers : EU project RIMMEL (Riverine and Marine floating macro litter Monitoring and Modelling of Environmental Loading).

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RIMMEL is a European Commission-JRC exploratory research project in support to the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), in particular, what regards to Descriptor 10 dedicated to the assessment of the impacts of marine litter. The main objective of this activity is to quantify the floating macro litter loads through rivers to marine waters by combining the experimental observation of macro-debris and the modelling of their loading. Scientist from MIO have performed monthly observations in the Rhône river (Arles station) during one year as contribution to a European Network of 54 rivers.

More than 800 monitoring sessions have been performed across EU, corresponding to around 450h of observation. A preliminary evaluation of the data set revealed around 8200 floating macro-litter items flowing down through European rivers in their way to coastal areas and marine waters, with plastic items like bottles, bags and packaging material among the most abundant macro-debris observed. Results are currently under evaluation and a dedicated website is being created. For more details, please contact Javier Castro Jiménez (